Small Changes

This is a woefully short post.

Or perhaps wonderfully short.

I had the beautiful experience last night of rocking my two boys to sleep, one after the other, and feeling fully present. I wasn’t trying to hurry and get it over with. Just a few months ago though, it would’ve been a different story, reading blog posts on my phone to try to pass the time.

Minimalism and meditation have been the two biggest catalysts towards this shift.

When you’re constantly analyzing the stuff in your life—physical, mental, and emotional—and shedding the things that don’t add value, you have more time for the most valuable things—which aren’t things at all.

When you practice being fully present in the moment on a daily basis, it starts to become a habit.

Don’t underestimate the power of small changes. It may feel like nothing’s changing, but when you look back in six months, you’ll be able to see just how much can come from the smallest positive changes.

I’m Having a Moving Sale!

Allison Garage Sale Cover

Banner designed by Sadie Desaulniers of The Redemptionist

If you’re in the Des Moines area this Friday and Saturday, I’m having a gigantic yard sale in preparation for moving next week!

My amazing friend and sister-in-law Sadie designed the banner you see at the top as well as a poster with a QR CODE!! linking to my FaceBook event! I wish I could show it to you guys, but it’s a PDF and I can’t figure out how to upload it here as a photo!

Check out the FaceBook event page for my moving sale. Keep up to date as I post new details as well as photos of the larger/best items that I’ll be selling!

As the banner suggests, there will be oodles of books and clothes.

In addition, there will be tons of Baby Stuff, Furniture, Kitchen Equipment, Women’s Clothing Sizes 2-8, Men’s Clothing, and Baby and Toddler Boys’ Clothing.

The sale will take place:

Friday, April 15th 7am-6pm
Saturday, April 16th 7am-12pm

1904 SE 32nd St. Grimes, IA
Parkview Village–on the south corner

Directions from I80/35:
Take exit 127
Turn right onto Highway 141
Turn right onto SE 37th St. (first stoplight in Grimes, between Quick Trip and BP)
Take first left onto SE Crossroads Dr.
Turn left at the end of SE Crossroads Dr.
Moving Sale is on your left.

We will have signs posted to guide you!

Priced to sell. . . Will make deals!

Saturday everything half off!

Local kids will have drinks and baked goods for sale Friday afternoon!

Seriously, guys, there’s a ton of great stuff. See you there!