What is this blog about?

I started this blog as a way to market myself as a writer. It was a very focused thing. But I found it hard to focus on writing about writing, specifically about MY writing. I’d come up with these great ideas for posts, but they had nothing to do with writing fantasy novels! AGH! How could I write about minimalism, or style, or parenting, or travel, or that cool non-fiction book I was reading, on a blog that was supposed to be about my fiction writing?

I reached a decision the other day though. It was partially inspired by Nike Women’s Better For It mini series, Margot vs. Lily, as I watched Margot upload video after video of her horrible failures at starting a YouTube workout channel. I thought, if she could humiliate herself and put herself out there for the end goal of having a successful workout channel, what was stopping me from posting whatever it was I wanted to write about, no matter how random? It suddenly didn’t seem quite as embarrassing a prospect compared to Margot.

I’ve been guilty of thinking that the line about everybody having something worth sharing applied to everyone BUT me. I could hypocritically preach to someone that they have a unique voice that needs to be heard, but couldn’t believe that same truth of myself. I’m putting an end to that way of thinking. I’m not going to overthink before I click “publish.” If I was inspired to write about it, I’m going to put it out there. I’m gonna be like Nike, and just do it!

I’m also done overthinking what this or that person might think about me if I write about my views on such and such a topic. I resolve to stay true to what I believe, who I am, and what I love. Unashamedly. Will you disagree with me sometimes? Absolutely. Maybe even a lot. But if everybody thought exactly the way I do, I’d have no need to write about it. And what fun is preaching to the choir anyway?

So maybe this is more of a lifestyle blog than anything else. And I love lifestyle blogs. But don’t expect to see tons of photos of me modeling every outfit I put together. While I actually enjoy (too much) looking at such posts from women whose style I admire, I don’t think that’s really my niche. My focus is far more on the writing side of blogging. Besides, I don’t have a personal photographer to follow me around and document my life in pictures!

Though that would be kind of fun… Sometimes…

So what can you expect on this blog? That’s a good question. One that I’m going to answer by actions, not words. Will I post about books and writing? I can safely say, yes. Will I also post about minimalism, or my love of French style? There is a distinct possibility. Might there be the occasional random recipe or pictures of two impossibly adorable little boys? Probably. And if I feel inspired to write about the Des Moines art scene, or write a review of some restaurant I just went to? Well, you’ll hear about that here too!

I’m hoping that as I just put my writing out there, a pattern will emerge. I’ll find my “niche,” my unique voice. I’m done waiting for it to come to me as an epiphany in the shower. I’m done waiting to craft the perfect posting schedule (and working up the discipline to stick with it!). Although eventually, as I see a pattern emerge, I will adopt a posting schedule that works for me, and gives me the room I need to speak on the topics I am passionate about. Maybe I’ll even start a podcast.

Some miracles you have to chase after in order to make them yours.

As they say in one of my favorite movies, Facing the Giants (I’m paraphrasing): When you pray for rain, you also have to plant the seed.

And I hope that for my most loyal readers, the ones who stick with me through the randomness, it will be well worth it in the end. Stay with me, guys! I know that wherever we’re going, its going to be amazing!

Sorry for the lengthy manifesto. But that’s the last apology for what I write that you’re going to hear from me. It’s time to start letting my voice be heard.

And if I can inspire just one other person to do the same, it will be worth it.

…though I wouldn’t mind having a thousand followers eventually. #honesty

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